Complete Your Contractor License Exam

Becoming licensed is one of the most important steps for workers in the electrical, plumbing, HVAC and construction industries. Make sure you're fully prepared for your contractor license exam by taking the comprehensive, easy-to-understand exam preparation courses offered online at These helpful lessons will make it easy to learn and study at your own pace so that you're in great shape to pass the test on the first try. You can even use our educational resources to prepare to earn your CEU certification or other certificates essential in this industry. To learn more, follow the Exam Prep Course link in the navigation bar near the top of the page.

Convenient CEU Certification Opportunities Available

If you're not ready to enroll in a traditional course to earn your certifications because you're worried about missing classes, give Kempker's Educational Services a closer look. With our system, you can work toward your CEU certification from home, work, the library or even your local coffee shop. All of our coursework and study materials for CEU certificates can be accessed online, where you can work at your own comfortable pace and stop and start lessons whenever you need to. We provide all of the tools you need to study for your electrician certification test without stress or worry over scheduling conflicts. Complete details and lists of current courses are available on our site right now, so take some time to explore and learn more.

Direct Path to Electrician Certification

When you're mentally prepared to become certified, you shouldn't have to let other factors hold you back. Choosing to help you earn your electrician certification can allow you to pursue your goals without altering your work schedule. Our online courses are arranged and led by board certified specialists and include all of the information you need to succeed presented in an easy-to-understand format. Whether you're preparing for your contractor license exam or you're merely seeking to add a few new skills to your resume, Kempker's Educational Services can prepare you fully.

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