Master Electrician Continuing Education Opportunities

As you grow and expand your business, it's likely that you will find less and less time to dedicate to continuing your education. Of course, carving out time to earn your Master Electrician continuing education credits is a rigid requirement if you wish to maintain your license, but that doesn't mean that you must do it in the old-fashioned classroom setting. You can take control of your educational experience by enrolling online with Kempker's Educational Services. We offer convenient, online continuing education courses that can be completed in as many small steps as your schedule demands. You can successfully earn all of the credits you need by simply setting aside a few short minutes at the end of each day, or you can wait until you have a larger block of free time to complete an entire lesson in a single sitting. With continuing education online classes, the choice is always up to you.

Diverse Online Continuing Education Courses

One of our highest priorities is to make sure that we're offering the full range of educational opportunities that our fast-growing marketplace demands. If you take a little time to browse the list of online continuing education courses offered for every state, you'll find everything from essential code updates to specialized, niche areas of study. Here are just a few examples of the subjects covered by the online electrical continuing education courses at

  • National electrical code updates
  • Profit estimating
  • Project management and control
  • Understanding plans and blueprints
  • CEU courses

In addition to our Master Electrician continuing education opportunities and other courses focused on the electrical field, you'll also find educational resources for the HVAC, construction and plumbing industries. Bookmark our site now and return often to see the latest new courses.

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2008 National Electrical Code Update

Electrical and Construction Profit Estimating

Project Management & Control

Understanding Plans & Blueprints
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